Tip #2 : Donate It To Charity

One of the easiest ways to make a difference - both for the environment and for the less fortunate people of your community - is to donate your used but not abused items to a charity. 

The Salvation Army, local church thrift stores, food banks, homeless shelters, etc. all welcome donations of clothing, household items and furniture if it is in good shape.  If you look around you will find recycle bins or drop off's,  in shopping malls or stores for cell phones, eye glasses, even old computers.

Gather together your used items and once a month (more or less), drop your items off at the charities of your choice.

You get tired of the same old stuff and need a change once in a while, there is nothing wrong with that!  But before you set you old things out on the curb for the garbage truck ask yourself if someone else could use them.

Another good resource for 'going green' is the Going Green In Your Home Ebook. This Ebook provides simple tips to the home owner on organic foods, recycling, recycled products, energy savings, rain barrels, drought tolerant landscape and solar products.