Plant A Garden - Live Off The Land

Get back to the basics.  Plant a garden and some fruit trees in your yard and live off the land.

Realistically, unless you have A-LOT (pun intended!) of land, you won't be able to grow enough vegetables to last you and your family over the winter - but you will grow enough to put some in the freezer.

By landscaping your yard to include a garden and some fruit trees you are not only saving some money in you grocery bill but you are teaching your children some valuable lessons, such as :
  • vegetables DON'T grow in cans
  • lifecycle of a plant (they really enjoy watching as a plant matures and eventually produces vegetables or fruit
  • it takes effort to grow vegetables and they should not be wasted
  • satisfaction in growing their own food
If you have room give your child a few square feet of garden and let him/her plant and care for their own crop.

Even if you don't have room for a garden in your yard you could still plant some vegetables in containers and set them in windows or on the porch or patio. 

The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment you feel when you eat your first home grown vegetable is exilerating.