Tip # 4 : Unplug Your Vampire Appliances

For a simple, environmentally friendly action try unplugging your appliances when you are not using them.

Any appliance with an 'instant on', or 'stand by' feature, or has a clock or light displaying uses power even when it is not in use.  These types of appliances are often called vampire appliances because they are constantly sucking power.

Your coffee pot is a prime example - if it has a clock then it is using power.  Why not unplug it after you are finished with your coffee in the morning?  You probably don't even look at the clock anyhow.

Your entertainment system is another big power drain.  You could plug your TV, PVR, dish and surround sound system into a power bar (you probably do anyway for surge protection) then in the evening or when you go away simply turn the powerbar off.

Of course different appliances use different amounts of power in their 'stand by' mode and as time progresses, manufacturers will be pressured into producting more energy effecient appliances. 

In the mean time why not just unplug it when you are not using it. 

Save yourself a bit of money.